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How many URLs am I allowed to enter into the rotator?
You are allowed as many URL's as you want. We run an UNLIMITED rotator.

What kind of sites are not allowed to be used in the rotator?
You are not allowed to include any adult sites, web pages with illegal content, or other rotator URL's. We DON'T let you use other rotators because we allow for an unlimited number of URL's, so you have NO NEED to use other rotators here. They also make your pages load much more slowly.

Can I remove the advertisement from my rotator?
Yes, you can remove the advertisement for the low cost of $2.80 per month. You can do it right here using Payza.

Why is my rotator displaying your site?
Check your URL box in the members area and see if there are any blank lines. The blank lines will default to the URL Rotator site.

Can I get the URL Rotator Script to set up my own rotator business?
Yes, you can get it for free, as part of your membership , plus TWO GREAT reports! Just register right here for your Affiliate Membership