My ORU Cash Machine Order

I will be using ORU as my Instant Payment System and wish to register as an Official ORU Cash Machine Reseller.

I will pay $8 one time for the Registration below and will be entitelt to receive $6 into my ORU account each time I make a referral. To make the $8 payment, the funds should be in the ORU account. They can be added with PayPal or a credit card by being logged into ORU, clicking on "MyFunds", and then on "Purchase ADVT Credits", selecting the indicated amount or using the "OTHER" field for an alternate amount.

After this is completed, clicking the following link will start the payment process for you.

Enter "To: Franto Hruz", "My Funds to Send: 8.00",
Use "Details: The ORU Cash Machine" and click the Send button.

For the registration, a full name, a valid email address and the ORU ID of both, your self and the referrer, should be entered below.

The registration will be activated and an affiliate link be issued once your payment is confirmed.

The registration will stay in effect for the life of the system.

Please enter the data below:

First Name:
Last Name:
You Email:
Your ORU ID:
Ref. ORU ID:

Submit ONLY AFTER Paying