Viral Traffic Co-op Income System

I will be using CoinPayments as Instant Payment System and wish to register as an Official Viral Traffic Co-op Income System Reseller.

I will pay $35 only once to register and be entitelt to receive $35 via CoinPayments every other time I make a referral. I will pay $35 and get my Viral Traffic Co-op ID so I can enter it before completing my registration.

Clicking the following link starts the payment and registration process.

For the registration, a full name, a valid email address, the CoinPayment Merchant ID and the Viral Traffic Co-op ID of both, your self and the r eferrer, has to be entered.

We require both Viral Traffic Co-op Affiliate ID's so you can earn 20% commission on all your referral sales.

You can get your VTCA ID right here for free, if you don't have one yet.

The registration will be activated and an affiliate link be issued once your payment is confirmed.

The registration will stay in effect for the life of the system.

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